Wind power substation series
YBF1 Prefabricated Substation(American)
    • YBF1 Prefabricated Substation(American)
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The product is a preassembled transformer with load switch and high voltage fusion tube in the housing, marking using of the fluid insulation of transformer as the insulation material for the whole system. The advantages are smaller dimensions, light weight, and convenient insulation.


Product use environment

The altitude is less than 200 m.

The environment temperature, the highest temperature + 40 ℃

Indoor lowest environment temperature to 40 ℃

Relative temperature: the daily average is not greater than 90%.

The monthly average is not greater than 90%.

Installation location: can be installed in desert areas, coastal areas, and high mountains and minefields.

(note: can be customized beyond the above conditions of use.)

Characteristics of Technology

1  High content of technology

The product contains various national special innovations. The main body is configured of high temperature resistant transformer, adopting advanced class 7 temperature control technology. It improves the ability of the system in resisting high temperature and overloading. The system can also be customized to deploy various signals, and ultimately achieve intelligent power supply using remote signaling and telemetry.

2  Safety

The H.V. portion adopts a load switch and fusion combination which can quickly and effectively protect the transformer. For the L.V. portion, fuse or fusible cut-out can be adopted as the switch of primary entrance. Where required, low capacity transformer can be included to provide 0.4kV power source for package transformer and wind tower lighting.

3  Energy Saving

The main body adopts quality stalloy and designs by electromagnetic optimization. The no-load and loaded losses are less than competitors, hence maximizing wind power utilization efficiency.

4  Long lifetime and maintenance free

The body, sealing, and all H.V. and L.V. equipment are meticulously selected to realize long lifetime of 30 years, during which oil cleaning and changing are not required and greatly saves maintenance costs.

5  High protection class

The product adopted double doors leak-proof structure for the house, and strips for the shutting seals. The overall enclosure protection achieved grade IP54, and can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust, rain and snow, and salt-fog.

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